CanJam New York 2019 | InnerFidelity

CanJam New York 2019 | InnerFidelity

Besides major new-product introductions, must-do auditioning, and big-time meet-n-greet, CanJam New York 2019 appears to have a theme, which just so happens to be one of my favorite topics: headphone measurements.

New York CanJam is always extra-exciting because not only does it put visitors in the center of today’s headphone universe; it puts visitors in the epi-center of the New York City experience. Think walking distance to Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Central Park.

Doors open at 10:00 am, Saturday, February 16th. The measurement mindset kicks in three hours later at 1:00pm when CanJam founder Jude Mansilla ( presents a seminar entitled “Measuring Headphones Today: Precision and Challenges” in the Majestic Music Box room on the 6th-floor of the Marriot Marquis. Jude will examine the level of precision needed to accurately measure (and describe) the performance of today’s sophisticated headphones and IEMs. Modeling perception. How measurement data is obtained. Why headphone measurements matter and why they sometimes don’t. Jude will also explain the challenges today’s headphones present for those who want to measure them.

Jude’s seminar with be followed by Dan Foley from Audio Precision/Alma International presenting what I suspect will be a mind-opening talk entitled: “It’s 2019! So Why Are You Still Measuring Audio devices Like It’s 1969.” Ah dah! Good question Right? Dan Foley will explain how audio measurement techniques and choices concerning what to measure have barely changed at all in five decades. Focusing on how frequency response is still measured using a sine-wave stimulus, as is harmonic distortion. This presentation will introduce new measuring technologies, using SPEECH and MUSIC, for characterizing the performance of any kind of audio device. I have waited 100-years, and would walk 50-miles in Arctic cold, to hear this lecture. (You can be sure, I will be the man in black in the second row.)

At 4:00pm Rob Watts, of Chord Electronics, will continue in a similar vein, with a talk entitled, “Chord Hugo TT2 Technical Seminar” wherein he describes the thinking and technologies behind the new Hugo TT2 as well as a detailed discussion of its measured performance.

Rob Watts will continue his explaining on Sunday, at 12:30pm with a technical talk about the Chord Hugo M Scaler and the importance of transients for auditory perception and how digital audio has problems recreating transients accurately.

The second (and last) seminar on Sunday is titled, “Personal Audio AMA (Ask Me Anything) questions like: How do headphone designers achieve their desired tuning? Will Digital Audio ever approach analogue? And, last but most importantly (to me): Do headphone measurements really matter?

In between smart seminars, you can audition important product introductions like Qobuz streaming (free trial coupons will be given out at registration desk), Focal’s new and beautiful, beryllium-domed, closed-back, Stellia, the new JPS Labs Dianna Phi, Audeze’s amazing $300 Mobius, HiFiMan’s Ananda BT, and last but equally major, the radically-evolved Schiit Ragnorock 2, which, are you ready(?), comes with a remote. But that is nothing. Schiit will also be introducing their long-awaited Soul Turntable… And very much more at CanJam New York City.

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