DcSoundOp Shoptalk: The Beyerdynamic Fox USB Microphone

DcSoundOp Shoptalk: The Beyerdynamic Fox USB Microphone

By Steve Milner October 9, 2018

USB microphones may be one of the latest new technologies, but interest from the pro audio community has been less than overwhelming. There are some practical reasons that USB isn’t suited to professional use of course. The limitations of the protocol itself inhibit its effective deployment on a stage or in studio.

But while we may not be ready to start trading in our XLR cables for the scrap copper just yet, there are some areas where the Beyerdynamic Fox USB microphone is absolutely invaluable. In business settings, working remotely, presenting on a webcast or creating content on a mobile device, the Fox is hard to beat.

One cable to connect & you’ve got a pro mic, interface, mixer and headphone amp all ready to go for your mobile device or laptop. If every person calling in to a webcast or TV broadcast, Skype meeting, Team-Viewer session or Facetime call used one of these, our jobs behind the mixing console would be a heck of a lot easier.

What type of audio interface and tools do you use with your mobile device? Sticking with the earbuds that came with your phone for important business meetings? Let us know how that’s working in the comments below.



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Steve Milner
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