Does This New Smart Speaker Look Familiar?

Does This New Smart Speaker Look Familiar?

China-based Huawei Technologies today previewed its new AI Speaker at a launch event for its Mate 20 X smartphone and the web is abuzz about how much it looks like a certain smart speaker from another company you might have heard of — Apple.

Engadget cut to the chase in a report posted earlier today:

As first impressions go, there’s the glaringly obvious: this device looks like a HomePod doppelgänger, complete with a stout, cylindrical design with control buttons at the top. But, at 399 yuan ($60) it doesn’t cost nearly as much as Apple’s $349 gadget. It also comes in black and white.

Inside lurks Huawei’s “Histen” algorithm — a music equalizer and booster software that can also be found on its smartphones. When paired with the built-in 2.25-inch high-fidelity hardware, with a power of 10W and two passive bass radiators, the result is a more natural sounding effect and more powerful bass performance, according to the company. Danish high-end hi-fi brand Dynaudio was also brought in to co-create the design and acoustic systems. Rounding out the specs and features, are six microphones and voiceprint recognition.

Huawei AI speaker vs. Apple HomePod

Huawei offered no details on when and where the AI Speaker will be rolled out, though we find the alliance with respected audio brand Dynaudio interesting as it telegraphs a more serious product than the U.S.-equivalent price of $60 might suggest.

Apparently, Huawei is taken with the design sense of American tech titans. Its first Alexa-enabled smart speaker — the AI Cube, previewed in August at IFA — has more than a passing resemblance of a Google Home speaker.

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