eAcoustics Debuts RAVEN 500A Active Loudspeaker

eAcoustics Debuts RAVEN 500A Active Loudspeaker

By PSW Staff February 14, 2019

The Raven 500A from eAcoustics

The active RAVEN 500A is an exclusive eAcoustics large format element featuring 2 premium B&C 12-inch neodymium transducers behind a column array of 9 Faital Pro Italian drivers. With low-end to 70Hz from its 6-port bass reflex design and efficient HF array, the RAVEN 500A delivers fidelity up to 137 SPL.

The full-range output is capable of long distances up to 1,000-feet (300m) with high intelligibility. The MSD (Multiple Source Dispersion) projects to the rear while averaging
levels up front and its wide 120° dispersion covers larger audiences. The 10° vertical dispersion substantially minimizes reverberant environments to reduce feedback.

Powersoft amplification provides high head-room, distortion-free power delivering 1500 watts into the 12-inch drivers, 750 watts into the HF array with 750 watts available thru an external output.

Easy setups are accomplished by utilizing factory presets for various configurations. Connectivity is offered via Powersoft Armonia over USB. Parametric EQ, delay, gain and muting are done on the fly while observing critical operations such as temperatures.

The tour-grade enclosure features multi-ply Birch hardwood for the integrity of the cabinet while the PolyTec, a polyurethane outer skin provides UV and moisture protection. The latching SureLoc rigging offers a reliable and safe solution to hang up to 5 RAVENS to the FLY1 rigging system or ground stack up to 2 RAVENS on top of the REX
dual 18-inch subwoofer or the GORILLA single 18-inch sub.

The onboard Powersoft amplifier features “PFC” Power Factor Correction, correcting the incoming AC and synchronizing the voltage to the current to reduce heat and energy consumption. A wide ambient temperature range provides performance in extreme heat up to 149° Fahrenheit (64° C) without internal fans. For international operation, 85 VAC to 264 VAC 50-60Hz eliminates all AC concerns including generators.


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