Eastern Acoustic Works Unveils MKD Installation Loudspeakers

Eastern Acoustic Works Unveils MKD Installation Loudspeakers

The MKD installation loudspeaker series from Eastern Acoustic Works is engineered to deliver the output, broadband pattern control and fidelity that is required by real-world applications from stadiums to intimate music clubs.

The compact durable Baltic birch enclosure provides for easy installation with an array of M10 mounting points and optional wall-mount or ceiling-mount brackets. MKD also offers weather protection options, custom colors, and a gently curved front allow for concealed installations in the most visually sensitive environments.

MKD leverages the design tenets and core technologies deployed in EAW’s QX series by deploying a pair of spaced low frequency transducers centered around a large format rotatable horn. The acoustically advanced transducers are able to be driven an octave lower than standard drivers through the use of our beamwidth matched crossover technology.

Kenton Forsythe says, “MKD is a design concept that has been brewing for several years. In some way it harkens back to the days of the AX series. This was dual 12-inch design of offset LF with a center co-ax mid/hi element. AX was effectively replaced with QX5, with four 10-inch woofers surrounding a central mid/hi co-ax element. MKD relies on recently developed HF drivers that extend at least an octave below “traditional” drivers. Careful attention has been paid to running the HF transition sufficiently low enough that the LF origin remains basically as a point source, preventing lobing in the polar response.

Furthermore, by placing the LF time origins further back in the cabinet, in line with the HF origins, the designs are inherently time coherent. This is critically important in allowing the systems to integrate cleanly with each other as well as other EAW product. The result is a series of designs offering high output, effective pattern control (in one plane) and integration with themselves and other similar designs in large scale system integration. They furthermore maintain my personal “swamp yankee” approach of being highly cost effective.

Jeremy Forsythe – director of product management says, “EAW has a proud history of developing loudspeakers specifically tailored for the premium installation market, frequently working hand-in-hand with consultants and contractors to design products that solve real-world acoustic challenges. The results of this work are evident throughout our product portfolio – the legendary MK and powerful QX series are perfect examples. Born from that process, we are excited to introduce you to MKD, a compact yet high performance family equally at home in a baseball stadium or music club, or any application that demands uncompromising fidelity, output, and control.”

Geoff McKinnon – director of engineering says, “MKD is a product idea that Kenton and I separately have had in our notebooks for a long time. We originally tried the concept many years ago (prior to our QX series), but we didn’t have the transducer technology to make it work. With Kenton’s return, I was excited to jump back into this product design with the engineering team. The large format compression drivers we’ve chosen enable exceptional output, sound quality and pattern control, all signatures of the QX series, except at a price and form factor closer to our MK family. I encourage system designers everywhere to take a look, I think you will be pleased with the results.”

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