IK Multimedia Unveils New iLoud MTM Reference Monitors At 2019 NAMM Show

IK Multimedia Unveils New iLoud MTM Reference Monitors At 2019 NAMM Show

At the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, IK Multimedia (Room #17202, ACC North Hall, Level 2) is debuting new iLoud MTM reference monitors, designed provide very flat frequency response and a highly linear phase response.

Onboard amplification is stated to deliver 100-watt RMS power and a frequency response of 40 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response. A symmetrical design enhances imaging and precision. Also included are tilt-able isolation bases. This enables users to create mixes that will translate across multiple playback systems, with no ear fatigue.

iLoud MTM uses high resolution algorithms and high-quality A/D converters to manage crossovers, filtering, time alignment, equalization, dynamics control and auto-calibration. DSP-controlled and precision time alignment are designed to manage off-axis response to minimize the effects of room reverberation.

iLoud MTM also debuts IK’s new patent-pending Physical Response Linearization (PRL) system that uses a precise model of the enclosure’s design, construction and materials, combined with electro-mechanical measurements of the real units, to correct the system’s performance in real time..

The monitors have a midrange-tweeter-midrange symmetrical design, with a pair of 3.5-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter to provide a defined, point-source sound. Built-in acoustic auto-calibration is provided by the proprietary ARC System, with IK’s reference ARC™ microphone included, automatically adjusting the frequency response relative to monitor positioning.

iLoud MTM also offers a low-frequency extension control and low and high-frequency trim controls to adjust the response to suit individual tastes. The tilting mount adjusts from 0 to 20 degrees for correct positioning in a wide range of setups. A rubber base for horizontal shelf-placement and a bottom thread to mount on microphone stands are also included.

iLoud MTM will be available in Q2, 2019 at a, MSRP of €349.99 each, excluding taxes.

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