In-Wall Amp/Dock Supercharges Amazon’s Echo Dot

In-Wall Amp/Dock Supercharges Amazon’s Echo Dot

Vanguard Dynamics today announced that it is now shipping an in-wall docking system/stereo amplifier that converts Amazon’s little Echo Dot virtual assistant/speaker into a high-performance audio source.

Designed for the third-generation Echo Dot, the Vail Amp 3 is a discreet, in-wall docking assembly with a snap-on cover and built-in 2 x 30-watt amplifier that holds the little speaker in place while providing access to its controls. A separate single-gang “wall-plate” box that can be located up to 100 feet away from the speaker provides connections for a local audio source.

Switchable between 4 and 8 ohms, the amp is designed to power and provide voice and keypad control for up to two pairs of speakers, whether mounted in a ceiling, wall, or cabinet. The two-piece system provides power to the Echo Dot, which connects to the mounting assembly via a 3.5mm minjack, and has a line-level input for an additional audio source plus a subwoofer output.

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