L-Acoustics Announces Q-SYS Plugin For P1 Processor

L-Acoustics Announces Q-SYS Plugin For P1 Processor

L-Acoustics announces integration between its P1 processor, which began shipping in June 2018, and the Q-SYS Platform from QSC, allowing users to easily control and monitor P1 through Q-SYS.

System designers can now architect fully scalable AV environments using the familiar Q-SYS Designer Software and native user control interface, while offering an audio experience delivered by L-Acoustics sound systems.

Whether catering to sports facilities, theme parks, conference halls, houses of worship, performing arts centers, or educational institutions, installation markets demand versatility, customization, ease of use, reliability, and interoperability. Over the years, integrators have looked to both L-Acoustics and QSC for scalable solutions that fulfill increasingly stringent and complex requirements, including the use of sound systems to fulfill PAVA (public address/voice alarm) applications.

“Following the successful introduction of a Q-SYS plugin for LA4X and LA12X in June, accompanying the P1 release with a complementary plugin seemed essential,” comments Jeff Rocha, director of Product Management for L-Acoustics. “We are fully committed to easy connectivity and system interoperability across our evolving product lines. The demand for P1, our multifunctional AVB processor and measurement platform, is particularly robust. We are therefore pleased to offer this new integration with Q-SYS.”

The L-Acoustics P1 plugin for the Q-SYS Platform, as well as the LA4X and LA12X Q-SYS plugins, can be found on the L-Acoustics website on the corresponding product page.


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