Mackie Unveils New Flagship DRM Series Loudspeakers

Mackie Unveils New Flagship DRM Series Loudspeakers

Mackie announces its all-new flagship DRM professional powered loudspeakers. Packed with up to 2300W of power, DSP, and built-in full color displays, DRM loudspeakers offer sound quality and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Perfect for mobile DJs, bands, install, houses of worship, rental systems, and more. Available in the 1600W 12-inch DRM212, 1600W 15-inch DRM215, 2300W 15-inch 3-Way DRM315, 2000W 12-inch DRM12A array, and 2000W 18-inch DRM18S subwoofer – plus all models are available in passive boxes.

DRM Series professional powered loudspeakers deliver up to 2300W via efficient Class-D amplifiers with next-gen system protection. Universal power supplies (100-240V) feature Power Factor Correction technology that regulates incoming voltage for peak performance even with unstable AC power.

At the heart of every DRM Series loudspeaker, is Mackie’s Advanced Impulse DSP module. Precision crossovers, transducer time-alignment, and meticulously tuned FIR filters overcome inherent physical attributes that can contribute to poor sound, especially at high SPL. The result is clear, punchy sound typically experienced only with massive touring systems.

“Advanced Impulse DSP is the result of countless hours of testing, tuning, and comparing,” says Matt Redmon, Mackie director of Product Marketing. “It’s almost like the speakers disappear and you get an incredibly immersive listening experience, even at wall-shaking levels.”

The DRM Control Dashboard features a high-contrast, full-color display on the back panel for quick and easy setup. On the default screen, users will see all the most important settings, levels, and meters. With single knob control settings are navigated quickly. Full-range models offer 3-band parametric EQ, venue specific voicing modes, alignment delay, user presets, and system lock. The subwoofer features a variable crossover, cardioid mode, and more.

“Mackie has always made intuitive control and ease-of-use a top priority,” says Redmon. “We needed a display that was easy to read and always shows you what is important at a glance. DRM Control Dashboard was the answer.”

Custom high-sensitivity woofers and titanium diaphragm compression drivers housed in braced plywood cabinets are designed for consistent performance in the most demanding applications. On the exterior, each DRM is covered in a touring-grade textured coating and paint that is made to last. The unique ported design of DRM cabinets allows for punchy, responsive bass while simultaneously helping to keep the amplifier cool.

DRM Series loudspeakers offer M10 flypoints, dual angle pole mounts, and available line array configurations for maximum versatility. Both the DRM212 and DRM215 feature angled cabinet designs to allow for use as floor monitors.

The series also offers solutions for production and install applications. Fly up to 4 DRM12A cabinets plus 2 DRM18S subwoofers for venues, houses of worship, and more. For customers that require passive loudspeakers, every DRM Series model is available as a passive version. Also available in select countries are the all-new MX Series professional power amplifiers and SP260 loudspeaker processor.

“DRM Series Loudspeakers are truly the best loudspeakers we’ve ever designed,” remarks Redmon. “But don’t take my word for it, give them a listen. You really need to hear it to believe it.”

The Mackie DRM Series loudspeakers will be available worldwide beginning January 2019. Sold individually, the US MSRP pricing is $999.99 for the DRM212, $1099.99 for the DRM215, $1499.99 for the DRM315, $2099.99 for the DRM12A, and $1499.99 for the DRM18S.

The Mackie DRM Series passive loudspeakers will be available worldwide beginning February 2019. Sold individually, the US MSRP pricing is $629.99 for the DRM212-P, $699.99 for the DRM215-P, $1099.99 for the DRM315-P, $1499.99 for the DRM12A-P, and $799.99 for the DRM18S-P.

The Mackie MX Series professional power amplifiers will be available in select countries beginning February 2019. Contact your local Mackie distributor for pricing and availability.


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