Samsung Launches Upscale Soundbars, Announces TV Pricing

Samsung Launches Upscale Soundbars, Announces TV Pricing

Samsung today announced the availability of its entry-level R-Series soundbars and upscale Q-Series soundbars featuring Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive surround sound.

Designed to complement the aesthetics of Samsung’s QLED line of TVs, the new Q Series soundbars boast a slim profile and support both wired and wireless plug-and-play connectivity with QLED TVs, including the ability to fine-tune sound directly from the TV menu. The soundbars also pair with Samsung’s OneRemote for streamlined TV/sound control and voice control via Amazon’s Alexa platform.

The line comprises four models, all certified by the audio gurus at Harman Kardon (now owned by Samsung). The Q60 ($500) and Q70 ($800) are slated for delivery in April and feature Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology. The Q80 ($1,200) and Q90 ($1,700) are scheduled to ship in June and feature discrete up- and side-firing effects speakers and SmartThings technology, which allows users to tag the soundbar as a smart device and control it within Samsung’s SmartThings app. The Q70 also supports the SmartThings platform.

All Q Series models have only one HDMI port to keep connection simple but support 4K passthrough and HDR10+ high dynamic range (HDR) in addition to incorporating Samsung’s Adaptive Sound technology, which analyzes incoming audio signals and “optimizes the sound scene by scene.” The technology is also said to keep voices clear by reducing background sound, even when the soundbar is playing at low volumes.

For enhanced gaming effects, Q Series soundbars automatically engage Game Mode Pro once the TV detects a console has been connected.

The R Series comprises three models — the R450 ($200), R550 ($280), and R650 ($400), which has a dedicated center-channel speaker for enhanced vocals and dialogue. All include a wireless subwoofer and feature a Game Mode in addition to Smart Sound technology, which automatically optimizes the sound to deliver clear dialogue whether you’re watching a loud sports event or low-key drama. A Surround Sound Expansion mode is also included for a more immersive surround experience.

Samsung also announced 2019 pricing for the following 4K and 8K TVs previewed earlier this year and earlier this month:

Q900: 65 inch ($5,000), 75 inch ($7,000), 82 inch ($10,000), and 85 inch ($15,000).

Q90: 43 inch ($800), 49 inch ($1,000), 55 inch ($1,200), 65 inch ($1,800), 75 inch ($3,000), and 82 inch ($3,800)

Q80: 55 inch ($2,000), 65 inch ($2,800), and 75 inch ($4,000)

Q70: 49 inch ($1,250), 55 inch ($1,500), 65 inch ($2,200), 75 inch ($3,300), and 82 inch ($4,500)

Q60: 43 inch ($800), 49 inch ($1,000), 55 inch ($1,200), 65 inch ($1,800), 75inch ($3,000), and 82 inch ($3,800).

RU8000 4K: 49 inch ($800), 55 inch ($1,000), 65 inch ($1,400), 75 inch ($2,200), and 82 inch ($3,200)

RU7300 4K: 55 inch ($700) and 65 inch ($1,000)

RU7100 4K: 43 inch ($430), 50 inch ($500), 55 inch ($600), 58 inch ($650), 65 inch ($900), and 75 inch ($1,600)

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For more on Samsung’s 2019 lineup, watch this video:

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