TC Electronic Introduces Clarity M Stereo

TC Electronic Introduces Clarity M Stereo

By PSW Staff October 10, 2018

Clarity M Stereo

As musicians, producers and engineers are looking for ways to improve their mixes, TC Electronic has announced the Clarity M Stereo hardware meter.

“Keeping your loudness, peaks and balances in check is vital for both pro and home studios,” explains Leon Mortensen, R&D manager at the Danish audio company. “With Clarity M Stereo all essential mix data is just a glance away.”

Designed to provide insight into the fundamentals of your mix, Clarity M Stereo is filled to the brim with all the dedicated stereo features, meters and visualization tools known from the classic Clarity M.

On top of flexible connectivity and a fast offline mode, it sports music tools to analyze your mix for phase, balances, frequency distribution, loudness, clipping and mono compatibility.

Paired with its sturdy 7-inch display, DAW integration, and presets that help you prepare your audio for streaming and broadcast, this makes Clarity M Stereo a solid addition to any console, home studio or mixing desk.

Price: US$ 249.99 MAP

Available: Q4 2018

TC Electronic

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